Swiss vignette general information

A Swiss vignette is an obligatory document for using highways in Switzerland. It is required for drivers of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5t.

In Switzerland, the sticker vignette can be purchased at filling stations, post offices, and at customs posts at the border. Since August 2023, drivers can also get it online in a quicker and more convenient way. It is expected that a digital vignette substitute a sticker in the future.

In order to obtain a motorway vignette for Switzerland online, you need to enter your vehicle and contact details on the website, cover the fees, and wait for a digital voucher to be delivered to your email address.

The confirmed Swiss digital vignette remains effective for 14 months – a period from the 1st of December of the previous year until the 31st of January of the following year. Once the vignette for Switzerland is issued, you can use the country’s toll roads right away: it doesn’t have a cooling-off period.

Failure to meet the vignette requirement in Switzerland will result in a 200-CHT fine. Buy a Swiss vignette online to avoid legal consequences and have a stress-free trip throughout Switzerland.

Prices and types of Swiss vignette

Presently, the vignette for Switzerland is issued in one type only. After completing the purchase process at the physical sales points or online, you will receive:

  • an annual vignette allowing the drivers of motor vehicles under 3.5t to use the toll roads in Switzerland during the 14-month period from the 1st of December of the previous year until the 31st of January of the next year.

The motorway vignette for Switzerland costs 58 EUR. Since only an annual vignette option is available, you need to buy a visa for 14 months even if your stay in Switzerland won’t exceed a few hours. The introduction of the short-term vignette is yet to be discussed.


58,00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

How to get a Swiss motorway vignette

Obtaining a Swiss e-vignette is a speedy and uncomplicated procedure that involves the following steps:

  1. Enter the required data (it includes the category of your vehicle, registration country, registration plate number, phone number, and email address).
  2. Make the payment. The fees of 58 EUR payment should be covered by such methods as PayPal, credit/debit card, Klarna, and others.
  3. Receive the confirmation. The document will be sent to the your email. You need to download it to your mobile device.

A Swiss vignette has immediate validity with no cooling-off prior to the active period, so you can use it right after the purchase.

Note: If you need to purchase a sticker motorway vignette for Switzerland, you should find bordering gas stations and labeled points or join the lane for motor vehicles.

Swiss vignette exceptions

Most vehicles weighing under 3.5t must be registered in the Swiss electronic vignette system, otherwise, their drivers will be fined. Nevertheless, some vehicle categories are exempted from a vignette requirement in Switzerland. See these categories below:

  • police
  • test vehicles
  • vehicles for driver testing
  • trailers and trolleys for motorcycles
  • vehicles aimed at helping citizens
  • fixed trailers
  • certain tractors

Special toll

A Swiss vignette is necessary for using most tunnels in Switzerland. Instead of a valid vignette, additional fees are required for such tunnels:

  • the San Bernardino tunnel
  • the Munt la Schera tunnel (Livigno)

Also, you may need to cover extra fees while using:

  • the Oberaar panorama road at the Grimsel pass
  • some ferries
  • car trains

Why the Swiss vignette obligation is important

Switzerland implemented a vignette obligation for vehicles under 3.5t on expressways and motorways. Highways are expensive to maintain in good condition, so vignettes serve as a direct source of income for this matter. Vignettes allow for the improvement of Switzerland’s toll roads, reducing the number of road accidents.

Moving around Switzerland without a valid vignette is unreasonable since you cannot use a considerable part of the Slovenia road system. If you still drive its highways, you will be subject to fines of CHF 200, in addition to the obligatory purchase of a missing annual vignette. Book a motorway vignette to use the Swiss toll roads in a legal and convenient way.

Benefits of Swiss motorway vignette online

Implementation of a new vignette for Switzerland that can be obtained online allows drivers to enjoy significant benefits:

  • You can buy an e-vignette from any place with internet access
  • The purchase process is straightforward and takes place entirely online
  • It is not necessary to find physical points of sales
  • An e-vignette is not attached to the vehicle’s windscreen, so there are no damages or glue residue afterward


Do I need to buy a vignette to use the Swiss motorway?

If you are going to drive on expressways and motorways in Switzerland, and your vehicle’s weight is 3.5t or under, it is obligatory for you to purchase a vignette at sales points or online via the website.

What types of vignettes are available in Switzerland?

Only one type of Swiss vignette – an annual vignette – is available right now. An annual Swiss vignette is valid for 14 months. You need to obtain a vignette even if you are going to use the toll roads in Switzerland for a few hours.

Where is it possible to obtain a vignette for Swiss motorways?

You can get a Swiss motorway vignette either in and outside of Switzerland in bordering countries at gas stations and labeled points or online. It is faster and more convenient to buy a vignette for Switzerland electronically as it takes only several online steps to complete the order.

How does an e-vignette work in Switzerland?

To get a Swiss e-vignette, you need to provide your information, cover the fees, and receive the confirmation via email. The e-vignette will be digitally linked to the license plate number of your vehicle. Drivers of vehicles without a valid vignette will be fined.

Is it necessary to print out a Swiss e-vignette?

No, it is not necessary to make a paper copy of your Swiss e-vignette; all you need is to save an electronic voucher onto your portable device. However, you may prepare a printout just in case.

How can I pay for the vignette for motorways in Switzerland?

The price of a vignette for Switzerland is 58 EUR. You can cover the Swiss e-vignette fees via one of several online payment options, such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, Klarna, and others.

What is the validity period of a vignette?

The validity of a Swiss vignette covers the period when a driver can use motorways and expressways in Switzerland. Swiss vignettes stay valid for 14 months – from the 1st of December to the 31st of January of the following year.

What are the exceptions to vignette obligation?

Even though most vehicles not exceeding 3.5t need a Swiss vignette, the exceptions to this requirement include police vehicles, test vehicles, vehicles for driver testing, trailers and trolleys for motorcycles, vehicles aimed at helping citizens, fixed trailers, and certain tractors.